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business intelligence.

Focal Business Intelligence helps your hotel revenue optimization, sales, and marketing executives identify, attract, and retain your most profitable customers through improved revenue strategy.

The problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win. Even worse, you might come in second.

– Seth Godin

Hoteliers have traditionally competed primarily on rate, triggering a race to the bottom and accelerating the commoditization of the industry.

As a forward thinking hotelier, you recognize that the key to your success lies in enhancing your outbound sales, marketing, and revenue optimization strategies through enhanced data analysis. However, you may still be stuck using Excel or legacy BI systems, resulting in siloed, inaccurate data and countless hours wasted.

Focal helps you stop the price wars and connect with guests that stay longer, pay more, and return more often.

Revenue Optimization Is A Culture, Not A Department

You understand that optimized results only occur when revenue management, sales, and marketing work together.  However, aligning efforts between the three disciplines is often easier said than done.

Building a strong revenue management culture begins with developing a common analytics language and getting your entire team on the same page.

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