Because they don’t call you

“Director of Report Compilation.”

Hospitality revenue analytics, refined.

We’re making analytics more accessible, enhancing collaboration, and championing a total revenue mindset so you can focus on taking action— not gathering data.

Power to the People

With highly integrated analytic insights from multiple operational systems and robust communication features, your revenue, sales, marketing, and ancillary departments can collaborate in real time to improve results. 

Just Plug It In

Advanced analytics shouldn’t require a report writing guru and team of interface developers.  Select from robust turnkey hotel and portfolio level reports, or drag & drop your own reports when you need to go beyond.  All of this takes place in a secure cloud environment, meaning the necessity for VPN is a thing of the past.

Prescribe, Not Describe

No more reporting for reporting’s sake.  We’re rebooting data analytics by asking questions worth answering and solving complex problems.  If they don’t help you make better decisions or take action, your reports aren’t valuable.

Make It Rain

When you make more money, good things happen.  Reclaim the 60% of your time currently spent on data aggregation and repurpose it towards strategic action.  Your boss will notice, and so will your boss’s boss.

Raising the bar for hospitality analytics.

  • Monthly KPI Laptop View
  • Dashboard Laptop View

Data Features

  • Integrate data from disparate operational systems
  • Direct upload capabilities for budget and forecast
  • Pace for all featured dimensions
  • Robust data mapping and normalization features
  • Intelligent profile merging
  • Predictive analytics

Property Reporting

  • Targeted dashboards enabling efficient trend discovery
  • Summary charts with drill down capabilities
  • Prescriptive turnkey reporting suite
  • Robust filtering and sorting capabilities
  • User-driven reporting module with drag & drop functionality

Portfolio Reporting

  • Turnkey portfolio reporting suite
  • Benchmarking capabilities for comparisons between regions and property categories
  • Single click drill down from portfolio reporting suite to hotel specific reports
  • Robust filtering and sorting capabilities
  • User-driven multi-property reporting module with drag & drop functionality

Collaboration Features

  • Build, save, and share user-driven reports with relevant users
  • Collaborate and communicate in the platform in real-time
  • Customizable user roles and access levels
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