You need better reports.

Focal Business Intelligence automates your hotel’s reporting suite and provides the insights you need to deploy more effective hospitality sales, marketing, and revenue optimization strategies.

Time is money.

How much is your old school reporting approach costing you?

Hoteliers spend up to 96 workdays annually compiling reports. With 37% of your time spent simply aggregating data, is it any wonder you often have more questions than answers?

Focal Business Intelligence automates the insights you need to identify your best customers and generate new demand.  As a result, you can increase RevPAR and bring more to the bottom line.

Improving your operating results requires a new approach to hospitality business intelligence.

Escape from “Excel Hell” and harness the latest technology without having to hire a development team.  Focal BI is a high-insight/high-efficiency platform that can help you rapidly scale an improved hospitality analytics approach across your entire organization.

Focal BI Microsoft Excel General Purpose Visualization
Cost Medium "Free"
(may be costing you
more than you think)
Insight Level Medium to High Low Medium to High
Efficiency Level High Low Low to Medium
Scalability Factor High Low Medium
Risk Factor Low High High

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