Improving revenue optimization through smarter hospitality technology.

We’ve combined hospitality subject matter expertise with a tech-forward approach to build the industry’s best business intelligence platform.

Our Story

We founded Focal Revenue Solutions to modernize hospitality data analytics and reporting.

After years of working in the hospitality industry we grew frustrated with the lack of genuinely robust, user-friendly, total revenue management analytical tools available, so we set out to craft our own.

Today, Focal Revenue Solutions provides hotels, resorts, and hospitality management organizations modern tools to reduce data silos, quickly identify actionable data, and help hotel teams shift their emphasis from tactical to strategic concerns.

At Focal, we’re passionate about changing the analytics landscape through smarter hospitality technology. Our unique combination of revenue management experience and technology expertise has helped us develop a solution worthy of the industry’s most rabid user base.

Focal Revenue Solutions approaches traditional revenue challenges with a fresh perspective, delivering advanced revenue optimization solutions for hotel properties of every size.

What Makes Focal Unique

Traditionally, hospitality revenue management has primarily focused on competition through pricing. With Focal, you’ll harness the power of your data to identify your best customers and target them through improved revenue strategies, resulting in the ability to command higher rates and drive more revenue.

Our Mission

Empowering hospitality organizations to transition from analyzing the what to understanding the why and impacting the how, when, and where.

Leadership Team

We’ve assembled the best talent in tech and hospitality revenue management to provide a fresh take on hotel analytics.

Improving revenue optimization through smarter technology.

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