More intelligent

business intelligence.

Adjust your focus.

Start at a high level and drill down as desired. Over your first cup of coffee, review targeted business intelligence dashboards to identify the periods that need further analysis.

By the start of your next cup, use the robust turnkey reporting suite to analyze hot dates, formulate marketing campaigns, and determine where you can price more effectively.

Before there’s a need for a third cup, you’ll be designing the reports you need to fill in any remaining gaps.

Share your views.

Develop a common analytics language to be used throughout your organization with enhanced collaboration and data normalization features.

Build a report you like? Save it and share it with relevant members of your team.

Need to track results across multiple properties with disparate operational systems? Our business intelligence technology makes it simple.

Preparing for a revenue meeting? Publish your reports and notes in advance so everyone can arrive prepared.

Align your efforts.

Say no to silos and facilitate collaboration amongst your revenue, sales, marketing, and ancillary departments.

Easily track the effects of strategy changes in real time so your team can course correct as necessary…or pour more gas on the fire.

Guide the way.

As a regional executive, it’s critical to be able to quickly identify the performance of your properties before drilling down further.

Leverage our powerful portfolio reporting suite, which offers regional and category based benchmarking features with a drill through to each underlying property.

When you need additional information or have suggestions for improvement, collaborate with your team in real-time without disrupting your daily flow.

Improved Results

Optimize Revenues

Good things happen when hotels make more money. Surplus revenues can be used to upgrade the hotel, pay team bonuses, or better yet– promote you.

Build Credibility

When you’re known for being “on it,” micromanagement halts, your word carries weight, and roadblocks disappear.

Strengthen Talent

“A” players demand top-tier technology.  Free your team to focus on analysis and strategic deployment rather than wasting time gathering data.

Key Features

Data Features

  • Integrate data from disparate operational systems
  • Direct upload capabilities for budget and forecast
  • Pace for all featured dimensions
  • Robust data mapping and normalization features
  • Intelligent profile merging
  • Predictive analytics

Property Reporting

  • Targeted dashboards enabling efficient trend discovery
  • Summary charts with drill down capabilities
  • Prescriptive turnkey reporting suite
  • Robust filtering and sorting capabilities
  • User-driven reporting module with drag-and-drop functionality

Portfolio Reporting

  • Turnkey portfolio reporting suite
  • Benchmarking capabilities for comparisons between regions and property categories
  • Single-click drill down from portfolio reporting suite to hotel specific reports
  • Multi-property business intelligence dashboards
  • User-driven multi-property reporting module with drag-and-drop functionality

Collaboration Features

  • Build and share revenue management meeting agendas
  • Ask questions and comment on reports directly in the platform
  • Upload external data sources and images to add context to the conversation
  • Save and share user-driven reports with relevant users
  • Customize user roles and access levels with ease.
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