Chad Baudoin | Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer | User Experience ArtistCo-Founder, Chief Product Officer

WHY | One of the aspects that makes humans uniquely is our ability to create and use specialized tools.  Chad believes every leader should have a toolkit that minimizes the mundane in order to allow them to act and think creatively and strategically.    As a key executive for Focal Revenue Solutions, Chad is excited to be crafting that toolkit for the hospitality revenue management community.

VITALS |  Prior to founding Focal Revenue Solutions, Chad was a partner and software architect at Moonsault Software– a boutique software development firm building data-rich applications.  Chad’s career has spanned a number of senior corporate and consulting roles with Fortune 500 companies including JP Morgan, Bank of America, Nationwide Insurance, and Western Union.  During that time, he’s honed his expertise in web application development, user interface design, and product development.  As a result, he is able to bring a technologist’s perspective to Focal Revenue Solutions’ innovative business intelligence platform.

LIKES | Solving Problems | Delighting Customers | Automation | Data Visualization | Simple User Experience

DISLIKES | Snakes | Snakes | Snakes

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