Mike Medsker | Co-Founder, President | Revenue Management ProCo-Founder, President

WHY | Mike’s grounding principle is continuous growth and development, and throughout his life he’s worked hard to exit each day smarter and stronger than he entered it. He is happiest when solving challenges that seem to be just beyond grasp, and is excited about unlocking value for the hospitality industry through the development of advanced analytical tools.

VITALS | Immediately prior to founding Focal Revenue Solutions Mike served as Director of Revenue Systems Architecture for Two Roads Hospitality, where he grew concerned with the lack of robust, user friendly analytical tools for the hospitality industry. Prior to joining the corporate team at Two Roads, Mike held multiple senior level roles in property-based revenue optimization, sales, and marketing. As a result, he is acutely aware of the day to day challenges faced by hospitality strategists and limitations imposed by legacy technology solutions.

LIKES | Systems Architecture | Product Management | Analytics Design | Implementation Training | Data Stewardship | Revenue Strategy | Sales | Marketing | Aligning Key Stakeholders

DISLIKES | Inefficiency | Compiling Manual Reports | Data Silos | Spurious Correlations | Patchwork Solutions

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